About us

Orada Adriatic primarily operates in four main segments: mariculture, the purchase of fresh tiny blue fish, processing and sales

With regard to trade with frozen fish, the company has been present on the market since 1994 under the name Orada trade, whilst since 2004, through the Ribarstvo F Company, the activity of cultivating whitefish – gilt-head bream and European bass began. Today, both of the afore-mentioned companies make up an integral part of Orada Adriatic Company.

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The islands of Cres and Plavnik are well known for their untouched nature and diverse flora and fauna. In such an environment, fully exposed to the open sea, our hatcheries of gilt-head bream and European bass have emerged.

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Catching the fish everyday together with delivery from the hatchery to the sorting centre, enables us to achieve and maintain the exceptional and consistent quality of our products.

The processing of gilt-head bream and European bass from our own breeding farm, as well as fresh Adriatic blue fish and other seafood began in 2017 when a new plant for processing in the Kukuljanovo Industrial Zone was built.

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Sales and logistics

Besides our long experience within the HORECA channels, we are also recognised for the quality assortment of frozen fish and vegetables, and are positioned on the market with cultivated top-of-the-range gilt-head bream and European bass under the ROYAL ADRIATIC brand.

Fresh fish from our hatchery, processing products, tiny blue Adriatic fish from catches as well as frozen fish and vegetables are available both on the domestic and foreign markets.

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Quality control

The pursuit of excellence and the desire to provide customers with the finest products, has encouraged us to raise the quality control process in our production to an even higher level. For this reason we have decided to introduce the internationally recognised IFS - International Food Standard, a safety standard that ensures a high level of whole-chain transparency in the food production process. By implementing this certificate in our production system, we guarantee the highest quality of products and the maximum safety for health, whilst at the same time satisfying high customer expectations.

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