Orada trade – began with the import, sale and distribution of frozen fish for the Horeca channel within the market of the Republic of Croatia.


Our activity was carried out under the Ribarstvo F Company name. Our first gilt-head bream and European bass fish hatchery was founded in 2005 in the Veli Bok Bay, on the island of Cres. We were pioneers in Croatia for the experimental breeding of 1st class white fish in a semi-enclosed area of sea in large volume semi offshore cages, at a depth of more than 50 metres, ensuring the highest quality of breeding with the least amount of ecological pollution.

The breeding site was characterised by strong sea currents and exceptional purity due to the large distance between the settlement and the industry. Besides these natural features, the quality and health of the farmed fish was ensured by low fish density in the breeding pools as well as top quality nutrition. The initial capacity of the hatchery at that time amounted to 50 tons of consumable fish per annum.


The capacity grew from the initial 50 tons to 550 tons of consumable fish per annum.


In November 2013, our products appeared on the market under the trademark ROYAL ADRIATIC, which became our brand for breeding fish.


In joining Adria Fileti and Orada Trade, our business expanded to the processing of fish and other marine products both in Croatia and in neighbouring countries.

We had a hatchery in the Veli bok Bay, a sorting plant and storage facilities in the business area of Volnik, on the island of Cres, and storage facilities in Rijeka, Matulji, on the island of Pag together with retail stores on Riječke tržnice (Rijeka’s marketplace).


In 2017, our logistic distribution centre began operating alongside the processing plant in the Kukuljanovo Industrial Zone. The new facility covered an area of over 4,500 square metres, where storage space for both frozen and fresh fish were housed together with a modernly equipped processing plant for the sorting, processing, freezing, marinating and packing of fishery products.


By expanding the production capacities of the hatchery to other locations – the maritime zone at the foot of the Osoršćica Mountain, on the island of Cres, and the opening of a new hatchery on the Island of Plavnik (Krk), the annual production of breeding fish – gilt-head bream and European bass increased to more than 1,500 tonnes.

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