Catching the fish everyday together with delivery from the hatchery to the sorting centre, enables us to achieve and maintain the exceptional and consistent quality of our products.

The processing of gilt-head bream and European bass from our own breeding farm, as well as fresh Adriatic blue fish and other seafood began in 2017 when a new plant for processing in the Kukuljanovo Industrial Zone was built.

The new facility extends over 4,500 square metres, and houses a storage space for both frozen and fresh fish as well as modernly equipped plant for the sorting, processing, freezing, marinating and packing of fishery products.

The entire technological process takes place under strictly controlled conditions. By applying ingrained manufacturing standards, we are able to maintain the high quality and freshness of processed products.

In addition to advanced IQF (Individually Quick-Frozen) and MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) technology, our processing plant is equipped with state-of-the-art sorting, cleaning and packaging machines.