The islands of Cres and Plavnik are well known for their untouched nature and diverse flora and fauna. In such an environment, fully exposed to the open sea, our hatcheries of gilt-head bream and European bass have emerged.

The position of the breeding site is characterised by a depth of 70 m, strong sea currents and exceptional sea purity. Besides these natural features, top quality and healthy fish are also ensured thanks to low fish density in breeding pools and top quality nutrition.

In order to achieve the best conditions for the growth and health of our fish, we have adapted the composition of the food to certain species as well as their life cycles and environmental factors. We do not use any growth promoters, hormones, medicines or antibiotics, ensuring us the extraordinary quality of cultivated gilt-head bream and European bass under our ROYAL ADRIATIC brand.

We maintain a continuously high standard supply of quality-certified fish food with the desired characteristics ensuring the absence of raw materials of animal origin, with the exception of fish.