"Royal adriatic" products receive the prestigious "Superior Taste Award"

Orada Adriatic d.o.o. is proud to present the awards it has received at the prestigious competition in Brussels - Superior Taste Award.

The Superior Taste Award is awarded by the iTQi (International Taste & Quality Institute), and represents a guarantee of the high quality of a product and the authenticity of its taste. All products received are evaluated with rigorous sensory and blind testing methods based on the appearance, texture, smell and taste of the product.

Orada adriatic d.o.o. won the "Superior Taste Award" 2019 for both registered products: Sea bream filet and Sea bass filet in MAP packaging, and we awarded 2 gold stars.

This was the first time that our company participated in this prestigious competition. We competed against some of the largest brands in the world, which only further adds to our success.

More about iTQ at www.taste-institute.com